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Large Language Model For Finance: FinleyGPT

Introducing FinleyGPT – A Large Language Model for finance.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is sweeping across industries, and it’s no surprise that many having been wondering when it will be applied to finance. With the release of ChatGPT in November 2022 a turning point was made in businesses and society using AI in their daily lives. 

FinleyGPT large language model for finance is here to redefine the way generative AI is integrated into financial solutions.

At INATIGO creators of Finley AI and Finley GPT, we firmly believe that this AI surge is transformative. As an award-winning Global Top 5 conversational AI companies focused on personal finance and guidance, we see it as our responsibility to embrace this technology and help our partners to be able to easily launch privacy-focused generative AI into their financial solutions.

Building FinleyGPT, the specialised Large Language Model (LLM) for finance, is not just about creating a tool—it's about pioneering a pathway for financial companies to be able to forge breakthrough innovations within the finance sector. It's about harnessing the transformative power of AI to democratise financial expertise, making it accessible, insightful, and a catalyst for economic empowerment.

Elemi Atigolo - Co-Founder Finley AI

FinleyGPT - The large language model for finance

Since January 2021, the development of FinleyGPT, the large language model for finance has been a collaborative effort, expertly driven by a synergy of AI and finance specialists. This approach is designed to meet the unique demands of both our financial API users and their customers/clients.

Expert Financial Knowledge and Proprietary Data:

FinleyGPT has been trained and continues to be trained on expert financial knowledge and proprietary data. Our data sources and training processes comply with all relevant laws and regulations, and we maintain the highest standards of data integrity and security. Therefore, we do not train on our API data.

Areas of Expertise:

FinleyGPT – Large language model for finance’s expertise spans a broad spectrum of financial topics, including investment strategies, financial planning, savings techniques, and effective money management practices. While we strive for excellence in these areas, it is important to note that the information provided by FinleyGPT should not be considered as financial advice, and our API Users’ customers/users are encouraged to seek guidance from certified financial professionals for specific recommendations.

FinleyGPT’s design revolves around four core pillars:

1. Accuracy: We have expertly and purposefully trained FinleyGPT to be expert in personal finance and financial guidance, aiming for the highest level of accuracy when addressing a wide range of financial questions and personal financial scenarios.

2. Trust: Trust is paramount in personal finance. Our unwavering commitment to data security and privacy underscores our respect for our partners and their users who trust in us. We, therefore, adhere to all applicable data protection laws and regulations, and we employ the latest cutting-edge, enterprise-level-grade data security measures, guardrails, and filters to protect user data or conversations.

3. Privacy: Our commitment to privacy-focused solutions includes rigorous data protection measures and consent processes. Therefore, we do not train on our Partners’ users’ data at any time. We are dedicated to safeguarding user information and ensuring compliance with privacy laws.

4. Ethical Conduct: We emphasise that the information provided by FinleyGPT large language model for finance is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Therefore our Partners’ Users should always consult qualified financial experts for personalised recommendations.

By prioritising these core pillars and adhering to comprehensive legal and ethical standards, FinleyGPT: Large language model for finance aims to provide a secure and valuable asset for the financial services sector.

Additionally, we regularly audit our systems and processes to ensure ongoing compliance with data protection and security regulations and maintain a commitment to continuous improvement in safeguarding our partners and their user interests.

FinleyGPT: Large language model for finance

A journey marked by understanding, innovation, and industry-leading support and collaboration.


    • 2019: Launched Finley AI Voice (Beta) via Google Assistant, amassing over 100k+ engaged and weekly active users.

    • 2019: Collaborated with the UK regulators Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Advice Unit on AI voice and chat powered financial guidance. Later became a highlighted model supported by FCA.

    • 2020: Joined the IBM Startup Program, worked with technology executives, became IBM partners, had a Case Study & spotlighted on IBM for our work with front-facing conversational NLP wealth management solutions.

    • 2021/ Mid 2022: Developed an enterprise voice and chat-powered financial guidance assistant with the support from Fortune 500 technology and HR experts from companies like IBM. Began working with implementing generative AI into Finley AI’s technology stack. Training for FinleyGPT commenced.

    • Late 2022/Early 2023: Gained support and backing from Microsoft For Startups, solidifying our position in providing enterprise-level conversational personal financial AI solutions.

    • Mid 2023: Finley AI’s “Personal Financial AI” powered by generative AI was unveiled, marking the most advanced human-like version of Finley AI.


    • Early 2024: Introducing FinleyX. An all-in-one financial AI agent that harnesses the power of a specialised network of mini-agents and cutting-edge language models like FinleyGPT, fortified with enterprise-grade privacy-focused security measures.

The FinleyGPT Difference

Our FinleyGPT, our specialised Large Language Model for finance, marks a significant divergence from standard, general-purpose LLMs. This bespoke large language model for finance is engineered with a focused commitment to delivering unparalleled expertise and insights in the area of personal finance.

Unlike general LLMs that offer broad and versatile linguistic capabilities across various domains, FinleyGPT: Large language model for finance has been tailored to understand and interpret the complexities and nuances of personal financial matters. It has, therefore, been trained extensively on a vast array of financial data, terminologies, financial calculations, financial frameworks and real-world scenarios, enabling it to provide more accurate, relevant, and context-specific guidance in personal finance.

This specialisation empowers FinleyGPT: Large language model for finance to offer superior financial intelligence, delivering insights that are not only informed by a deep understanding of financial concepts but also customised to individual financial contexts. Whether it’s budgeting, investment strategies, tax planning, or retirement savings, FinleyGPT provides guidance that is both technically sound and practically applicable.

In essence, the FinleyGPT Large language model for finance’s difference lies in its ability to merge AI’s advanced linguistic capabilities with a deep, specialised understanding of personal finance. It’s not just about leveraging technology; it’s about harnessing the power of AI to bring sophisticated, personalised financial guidance to the fingertips of users, redefining what is possible in the world of finance and personal financial management.

The FinleyGPT journey

Rest assured, your trust is the cornerstone of our journey and mission as we harness the power of FinleyGPT: Large language model for finance to drive our financial AI agents. Our commitment to transparency is unwavering, and we are committed to keeping you informed every step of the way. As we continue on a journey of continual improvement and innovation, we will diligently share updates on our progress and key milestones through our dedicated blog, ‘News & Insights.

Alternatively to learn more about our Charter that describes the principles we use to execute our Finley AI mission, please learn more here: Finley AI Charter.

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