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Finley AI: The journey before ChatGPT

Reflecting on the journey of Finley AI takes us back to before the emergence of ChatGPT, Gemini, Bard, Claude, and the buzz around #generativeAI became mainstream.

In 2019, our parent company INATIGO and its founders launched an ambitious project combining conversational AI and finance. The objective was to explore the potential of AI in facilitating financial dialogues.

Employing the cutting-edge voice technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP) available at that time, they introduced Finley AI (Voice) what was described as the world’s first conversational, voice-powered financial guidance and pension assistant.

“Our objective was straightforward: to transform the landscape of financial knowledge, making it universally accessible and comprehensible. This ambition, fueled by rigorous research and regulatory collaborations, demonstrates our belief that technology, when rightly leveraged, equips financial institutions to elevate their service and client offering.” Elemi Atigolo - Former HSBC Private Wealth Manager, AI Developer and Co-founder of Finley AI

Conversational Voice AI in Financial Services

This groundbreaking tool, powered by the NLP AI technology platform Dialogflow acquired by Google — was made accessible on Android devices through Google Assistant.

Pioneering such a project, especially at a time when AI had not yet dominated mainstream discussion as it has by 2024, was a bold move. Both Finley AI’s parent company INATIGO and its founders had, even back in 2019, the foresight to predict the everyday reliance on AI conversational assistants and chatbots.

Our founders were especially passionate about democratising access to financial guidance. Previously, such access was a privilege enjoyed by only affluent individuals. They believed that conversational AI could significantly bridge the financial advice gap and alleviate issues of financial literacy.

Finley AI founders’ determination and commitment to years of research, development and working with financial regulators to make Finley AI the best financial assistant, coach, and  investment copilot fueled their persistence.

It was their belief that conversational AI would eventually take center stage in people’s every day lives — a prediction that has impressively come to fruition.

Fast forward to today 2024, Finley AI, has emerged as a privacy-focused Financial AI Agent, with cutting-edge multimodal capabilities.

Expertly trained on financial datasets, Finley AI provides up-to-date financial knowledge, guidance and insights on stocks, investments, and market trends through intuitive conversations.

Its vision capabilities allow for the analysis of images and charts, offering personalised financial guidance, insights and investment strategies.

Finley AI makes it easier for financial firms and fintechs to adapt to this new era of finance, with accessible, intuitive, and revolutionarily conversational personal financial AI.

Want to see Finley AI in action? Book a demo here: Request API — Finley AI

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