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Our industry-recognised team of AI developers, financial experts, and innovators drives our mission to positively impact finance.

Finley AI Mission

Finley AI aims to revolutionise the finance sector by using conversational AI to streamline communication and enhance client engagement through on-demand financial insights, empowering financial businesses and transforming the global economy.

Advancing Finance Through AI

Our journey began in 2019, beginning a new chapter in the intersection of conversational artificial intelligence and finance.

Redefining Personal Finance With AI

Empowering companies to elevate their financial services with privacy-focused, conversational financial AI, enhancing and hyper-personalising their customers’ experiences.

Increasing Productivity With AI

Empowering Finance Professionals with pioneering the integration of advanced artificial intelligence to elevate productivity for fundamental research in the financial sector. 

Industry recognised team

The team behind Finley AI are revolutionising global financial technologies by developing innovative AI solutions, earning worldwide recognition for their excellence and significantly enhancing financial firms’ capabilities.

Combining our finance and AI expertise, we're leading a revolution, setting new standards with innovation and AI technology." - Founders, Finley AI.

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Finley AI Distinction

Uniting decades of financial expertise with state-of-the-art AI, Finley AI is reshaping the landscape of financial services.


Our journey commenced in 2019, with the launch of Finley AI-Voice via Google Assistant. This innovation quickly garnered significant interest, amassing a user base of over 100k+ globally, indicating the market's readiness for innovative financial AI solutions.


In 2019 to 2021, Finley collaborated with the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to work on providing high-quality AI-driven conversational financial guidance models, emphasising our dedication to regulatory compliance and financial innovation.


From 2019 to 2022, Finley AI underwent crucial research. Thousands of anonymised interactions with Finley AI Voice were reviewed by financial experts to create expert answers, laying the groundwork for a financial AI enterprise NLP engine model.


2020 was a milestone year as Finley AI and INATIGO joined the IBM Startup Program. This strategic alliance provided access to expertise from IBM's senior technology and HR leaders. This period shaped and prepared Finley AI's technology and solution offering for enterprise adoption readiness.


Finley AI's journey took another leap forward with the support of Microsoft For Startups in late 2022 and early 2023. This backing solidified our position as a frontrunner in conversational personal financial AI solutions, highlighting our innovative expertise and impact in the finance sector.


Finley AI has received global acclaim, including being featured in prestigious publications like the Financial Times and being named a finalist for the UK Fintech Awards. Finley AI, alongside our parent company INATIGO, was recognised as a top 5 global voice solutions by industry analysts at StartUs Insights.

Behind Finley AI


An award-winning AI technology company. Building innovative generative AI & conversational AI solutions that benefit the world.

Pioneering AI

2020, INATIGO builds Alda AI, the UK’s first front-facing wealth management AI customer assistant for a digitally-led private wealth management firm.

Case Study

IBM highlights INATIGO’s groundbreaking advanced NLP financial AI technology, which provided on-demand and AI powered customer service in the wealth management sector.


INATIGO helps private wealth firm in attaining recognition as WealthBreifing’s European’s Most Innovative Wealth Management Model through using conversational AI.

Built for the world of finance,
by AI finance experts.

Built for the world of finance,
by AI finance experts.

Finley AI Worked With The UK Financial Regulator's Advice Unit

Finley AI was invited to work with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Advice Unit to provide high quality AI financial guidance models via voice and chat.

Finley AI Named Top 5 Global Voice Solution and Startup

Finley AI was hand-picked and named Top 5 voice solutions out of 326 global exemplary startups & scaleups analyzed for a report by StartUs Insights.  

Finley AI Launches Its Voice Assistant and Helps 100k+ users

Finley AI successfully launches its Google-powered voice assistant and provides financial guidance and support to over 100k+ users globally.

Finley AI Becomes Selected As A NVIDIA Inception Company

Finley AI becomes an NVIDIA Inception Program company. This collaboration further enables Finley AI to rapidly deliver best-in-class solutions to its customers.

Finley AI Is Supported And Backed By Microsoft For Startups

Finley AI is backed by Microsoft For Startups as one of their Scale companies. This collaboration provides Finley AI with world-class support and technology.

Finley AI Is Supported And Backed By Google For Startups

Finley AI becomes a backed Google Cloud startups company. This collaboration and backing provides Finley AI with access to leading technology and support.

News & Insights

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